Writing for NewsMax, A. Benjamin Mannes recently discussed the election results debate and the dangers of reversing Trump’s policies that could happen under a Biden/Harris presidency. Below is an excerpt from the article. For the full article, click here

As a myriad of investigations and legal actions look to unravel the web of reports of violations, aberrant voter turnout statistics, duplicate ballots, and an answer to who legally won the 2020 election, what is evident from the sentiment on the left is that a great deal of the Biden/Harris vote came from personal animus toward President Trump, and not for a clear preference toward a stated policy objective.

Fueled by nearly constant negative media coverage, social identity politics and reckless rhetoric regarding the Trump administration’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic, pundits on the left and protesters in the streets have sounded off on their support for Joe Biden out of visceral spite in wanting President Trump out of the White House.

The problem with a media supporting a mass movement to elect a president based on social politics and personal opinion is that it fails to take into consideration the physical dangers presented when an incoming administration fails to recognize the progress of the prior administration it doesn’t agree with.

If the Trump legal team fails to bring the physical evidence needed to invalidate the votes gleaned in suspicious, late-night, mail-in ballot drops in cities like PhiladelphiaAtlantaMilwaukee and Detroit, the nation may face the realities of an incoming administration that “throws the baby out with the bathwater” by overturning the extremely positive economic, foreign policy, criminal justice reform and national defense gains of the Trump administration.

Signs of these potential harms are projected in the Cabinet picks and policy goals of the Biden transition team. In the last week, despite surging COVID-19 infections gripping the nation, Biden announced that Xavier Becerra, Kamala Harris’ successor as California attorney general, who has no healthcare experience, will be his next Secretary of Health & Human Services.